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Picture this: You're sitting down with your bestie and you're just chatting about life. You're sharing your ups and downs, your hopes and dreams, your fears and challenges and of course celebrating your wins!

That's what The Shennice Show is all about. It's a fun, candid good time with Your Purpose Bestie Shennice and her inspiring guests. We’ll talk about everything from raising kids to raising parents; entrepreneurship to careers, spirituality and faith, styles and fashion, nurturing relationships to navigating life's twists and turns. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll learn something new. But most importantly, you'll feel empowered, inspired, motivated and full of sparkles.t.

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Latest Episode

Shennice Cleckley: More than a Talk Show Host, She's Your Purpose Bestie

Forget the average. Shennice Cleckley is a powerhouse of passion, wit, and 20+ years of success stories (not just talking, she's living proof!). From corporate escapee to entrepreneur extraordinaire, she shatters glass ceilings & empowers women & BIPOC communities to do the same.

But her mission is bigger than wins. Shennice crafts stories that resonate, stories that make you feel seen & empowered through L.Media. Her Purpose Bestie platform connects you with your purpose, faith, & power to achieve your wildest dreams. Because when you feel good, you do good, and that's Shennice's jam.

She's not just a talk show host, she's a connector. Shennice lights up stages, igniting diverse voices & perspectives at conferences, events, & retreats. She's the queen of conversation, sparking change & bringing people together.

Meet the Season 2 Contributors

LeBrian Cleckley

Marriage & Male Perspective Contributor

Monai Griffieth

Styled by Monai

Fashion & Style Contributor

Monique Hill

Luxury Travel Contributor

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